Zandile Khumalo has revealed that Kelly Khumalo’s children would call every week and they would force her to put the phone on her tummy so that they could speak to their unborn cousin.

She added that when she gave birth they couldn’t wait to see and touch him. Zandie said in light of her beef with her sister Kelly, she will never deny the kids access to her baby saying that would be utterly cruel.

Zandie said she made a decision that her niece and nephew would never be affected by what’s happening between her and their mother.

She however said the situation between her and Kelly Khumalo remains the same. She also said her feelings towards her sister Kelly remain unchanged.


Zandile and Kelly Khumalo had a fallout last year and it all has to do with Zandile’s husband Mhlonishwa Gumede. This was after he used Kelly’s name for an event that she was not involved in.

It is claimed that Mhloe took a payment of R17 000 from organisers because they had seen Kelly and Vusi Nova’s names. Kelly had no idea about the event and she was forced to release a statement distancing herself from Mhloe.

Kelly then went on to publicly divorce her sister Zandile who then released a statement saying Kelly Khumalo is toxic and needs help.