Sunday Times reports that USA based South African businesswoman and socialite, Bonang Matheba, is set to pay millions to get back rights to her name and shares to her House of BNG wine from Celebrity Services SA (CSA).

The newspaper revealed that under the terms of the agreement signed by Bonang, CSA owns the trademark to Bonang ‘s name and also to House of BNG.

CSA also had control of the House of Bonang’ s Twitter account until she wrote to Twitter and took it over through her lawyers.

CSA told the newspaper that Bonang and her lawyers are in breach of contract as Bonang has not appeared for various brands over the past six months.


CSA said Bonang is currently benefiting from the House of BNG deal as she is getting royalties on all retail sales while taking no risk and incurring no costs.

CSA was embroiled in a similar case when DJ Euphonik took them to court and won, after they removed him as an administrator from his Facebook page.

The matter between Bonang and CSA came to light after she went on Instagram and revealed she had ended her relationship with her agency. 

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Times newspaper – 17 October 2021.