It seems there is allegedly more to the blood thirsty and ritual killer Rosemary Ndlovu. Rosemary Ndlovu who is 43 years old carefully planned the death of her six relatives.

She did it all for insurance payout, the high court judge, Riana Williams, sitting in Palm Ridge said on Thursday the 14th of October, that Rosemary Ndlovu was always the first person to report her relatives as missing or the last to see them alive.

Izangomas who checked the bones about Rosemary said except for the insurance it was also for “ukuthwala”.

Gogo Mamtholo Mangena said this is a case of Ukuthwala and Rosemary was using friends and relatives as sacrifice. She also said Rosemary will be jailed but not for long.


She said if Rosemary is kept in a jail cell for long she might die because she won’t have any blood to spill. Gogo Grace Ndlovu said Rosemary will not live long behind bars because of Ukuthwala.

Sangoma Nzama Maluleka said Rosemary has a slim chance of living because the evidence is overwhelming and the people she killed want justice.

Undercover police officers busted her in March 2018 as she planned the death of six other people, this time her sister Joyce plus Joyce’s five children. She received insurance payouts totalling R1.4 million.