Former South African President, Jacob Zuma, yesterday surprised many after his foundation released a video urging South Africans to vote for the ANC in the November local government elections.

Speaking in Zulu, Zuma said :

It is once again time to vote in the local government elections. I have been listening and observing and there are people who are saying because of various reasons, they will not vote.

This really touched me and I want to share my views and would like to say to those who are saying this, let’s stand up and vote for the ANC, which brought us our independence.


It is important for us to do this. Perhaps I am not happy with a few things, but I am still going to vote.

If we do not vote, we will be surprised when we wake up and find that we no longer have a nation and no opportunity to change the people’s lives.

Zuma is currently on medical parole after he was jailed for contempt of court.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.