Following an altercation between rapper Boity Thulo and media personality Bujy Bikwa on Thursday, Boity has revealed that it’s going to take a plastic surgeon to fix her face.

They were having an argument about ancestors and traditional healers when things got out of hand.

Bikwa allegedly threw a bottle of alcohol at Boity Thulo leaving the rapper with injuries. Thulo sustained serious injuries and she had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance for treatment.

Thulo said she is still in shock and traumatized with the ordeal. Boity said she could see that Bujy was agitated during the argument but she never thought Bujy would take it that far.


She added that before he attacked her, he said “Lets see if your ancestors will protect you”, and then he threw the glass at her face.

Boity said she is in a dark place emotionally and she keeps playing the incident in her mind. She went further to say that now she has to deal with the mental effects of Bujy’s actions.

The glass allegedly hit her forehead and her lips. She said in her line of work she doesn’t need a scar on her face.