Gospel musician Dr Tumi and his wife have been cleared of fraud charges. Dr Tumi is a well liked musician who is also a medical doctor. He used to fill up stadiums before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Tumi is married and his wife Kgaogelo also acts as his manager. He is a father of three boys. He is very loved in South Africa and beyond because he is a worshipper.

It was very sad a couple of months ago when it was made public that he was charged alongside with his wife. They had to hand themselves over to the police station for defrauding the National lotteries board in South Africa.

The National Lotteries board in South Africa raises money to lotteries and the money is put into organisations and individuals who are making a difference in the community.


Dr Tumi had an organization registered which was run by him and his wife. A total of over R1,4 million was sent into the account for the community.

However it was reported that atleast R750 000 was diverted into a secret bank account linked to Dr Tumi and his wife. They handed themselves to the police and they were arrested.

Dr Tumi took to social media to update his followers about the fraud case. Below is a press release he attached on the post he sent on hisTwitter account.

Since April when he was arrested, this is the first time that Dr Tumi is speaking about the matter.

Dr Tumi was exonerated this morning after the Specialised Commercial Crimes Unit at Palm Ridge Court dropped all charges against him and his wife Kgaogelo Makweya.