Yesterday the 31st of August 2021, Khanyi Mbau trended after her boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga took to Instagram to share that the actress was missing.

The two were currently on vacation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In an Instagram live video Kudzai Mushonga revealed that he never cheated nor lied on Khanyi Mbau.

He revealed that his mother had warned about Khanyi Mbau and that his mother had told him before to leave Khanyi Mbau and go to the USA.

During the Instagram live, Khanyi Mbau’s brother Lasizwe Dambuza commented and his comment left many with unanswered questions.


Below is what he said.

“Not everything is about you…DO REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED THAT MORNING!!! You don’t want me to go there!!! STOP THIS!!!”

Earlier it was reported that Khanyi was busy cheating on Kudzai Mushonga. However Lasizwe’s comments are saying otherwise.