Sophie Ndaba’s son Lwandle Ndaba released a statement about why he wrote a song about his step father Max Lichaba.

He said, “As a child witnessing the painful past few years, I have found a way to channel my pain and frustration after watching my mother’s health and finances go on a downward spiral due to the actions of her significant other, my stepfather Mr Max Lichaba.”

He added, ” I saw the journey that my mother went through and I am expressing my feelings through music as I study music performance. I was hurt and I experienced trauma.”

Lwandle said Mr Max abused his mother emotionally by telling her that she is ugly and that no one would want her. He also revealed that she once kicked him out after finding out about his other Facebook affairs.


He went on to say that his mother invested R1 million into alcohol stocks at KwaLichaba Soweto Chesanyama and its renovations. Lwandle said his mother would hide in the guestroom for fear of her life.

Lwandle revealed that Max punched Sophie Ndaba in front of everyone including their helper at KwaLichaba Vaal.

On the other hand Max Lichaba revealed that the matter between him and Sophie is at the courts where their divorce is being settled.