Popular influencer Cyan is caught up in a witchcraft storm after her former friend, Karabo went public demanding answers about the circumstances sorrounding her accident.

Some of the Allegations made by Karabo include :

1. Cyan was driving with a learners license.

2. Cyan was speeding as she was late for her gig at a club in Phalaborwa.


3. Before the accident, Cyan had asked her if she trusted her with her life. When they first left Joburg, they saw a black cat which jumped in front of their car.

4. After the accident, Cyan left her in the car for over an hour as she lay 7 metres under the bridge. Karabo says she has no recollection of what happened from the time they filled up petrol at a garage just before the accident. Cyan only visited her once when she was in hospital and talked to her through the window.

5. Cyan does not want anyone to know about the accident and has been ignoring her. She only visited her a few times.

6. Cyan has been going on with her life as if nothing happened.

Please watch the video above this post to see Karabo narrating her story.