Connie Ferguson the widow of iconic actor Shona Ferguson paid a heartfelt tribute to her late husband Shona Ferguson at a memorial service in Johannesburg yesterday.

She thanked God for sending her an angel in the form of Shona Ferguson. She said she had given up on love and her goal was to raise her 8 year old daughter Lesedi. That is when Shona Ferguson came into her life in 2001.

She gave an account of how she met Shona Ferguson at her house in Johannesburg. She narrated how they ended up falling in love. She also read love messages they used to send to each other.

Connie said she wasn’t going to cry on this occasion because she was celebrating her husband. She spoke about Shona in the present tense because she said she still felt like he is around.


The iconic actress added that even though she misses Shona physically, he is engraved in her heart forever. She said every morning she wakes up, she still hopes to see him.

She went further to say that she misses her husband’s big hugs and his love. She said Shona Ferguson was the most underrated actor in South Africa and that he was not appreciated enough.

May Shona Ferguson’s soul rest in eternal peace.