Shona Ferguson’s sister has explained how her brother died.

She said on the 26th of June he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and his treatment started at home.

His symptoms worsened and he was admitted at Pine Heaven Hospital on the 3rd of July as he struggled with low oxygen levels.

He was moved to high care a week after admission and discharged on the 10th of July.


The same evening, his condition went worse and he was re-admitted and on the 12th she received a call from Connie inviting her to come and assist.

She said she arrived on the 14th from Botswana and that’s when she started the journey of being a caregiver.

On the 15th, the condition became worst leading him to be airlifted to Mel Park hospital in the 16th of July.

There, he spent 2 weeks in ICU and the costs were too much, as they had to travel twice to the hospital.

She explained that within these two weeks, her brother fought hard and on the 29th they were called by the hospital as his condition worsened.

They spent the night with him until the 30th and the doctors released them to go and freshen up at home.

After freshening up, they got another call inviting them to rush back to the hospital, only to be told that he has passed on at 11:59 on the 31st of July.