The story of Gosiame Sithole who allegedly said she gave birth to ten babies captured local and international attention.

Eyewitness News has reported that Gosiame Sithole, the woman who claimed to have given birth to decuplets was never pregnant.

The publication quoted a source who claimed that Sithole was examined by a medical team at the Thembisa Hospital.

Medical evaluations have shown that there was no pregnancy at all and that there are no physical scars of a C-section.


No one has seen the ten babies ever since it was reported that they have been born. The Gauteng Health Department also said there were no records of the decuplets in their provincial hospitals.

Thus it is possible that Gosiame Sithole may have planned all this along with her family members who were backing up her story.

The news was broke by an independent media publication, Pretoria News. They are maintaining that the story is not fabricated and that the disappearance of the decuplets is a cover-up involving government officials and politicians.