A newly-wed couple from Johannesburg were electrocuted in their home Crosby near Mayfair as a result of what is believed to have been a faulty electrical connection.

The incident happened on Sunday, it is believed that Nabeelah and Zaheer Sarang had made several reports to City Power about the electrical faults.

It is alleged that Nabeelah collapsed in the shower after turning on the tap. Her husband Zaheer was then electrocuted as he tried to save her.

The couple had just returned from their honeymoon, this according to their neighbour Hassan Aalim.


Mongezi Ntsokolo who is the chief executive of City Power has so far requested the team to launch an investigation into the allegations that the couple died due to electrocution from faulty electrical connection.

Mongezi urged residents to desist from tempering with City Power infrastructure while investigations were underway. The team will establish facts after the investigation and details will be provided later.

The police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo confirmed that an inquest docket was opened and that they are waiting for a post-mortem to confirm the cause of death.