Afropop musician Kelly Khumalo has done it again.

The ‘Empini’ hitmaker is boycotting yet another awards event.

It seems South African Music Awards (SAMAs) were skating on thin ice in Kelly’s books.

As soon as the nomination ceremony was done and nominees were congratulated last night, the star dropped a bombshell.


She tweeted that she wants her work removed from whichever categories she was nominated.

Tweeting the official SAMAs account, Kelly wrote: “Dear @TheSAMAs I humbly ask that you remove my work out of what ever category you might have nominated me for. As much as I respect what you do, I also ask that you respect my hard work and effort. #TheVoiceOfAfrica cc @UMGSA 🙏🏽”

The musician followed the tweet up by agreeing with her fan who was in support of her announcement and decision.

She stated that she feels her work is being insulted.

” How dare they insult my hard work like that,” she said

The reality TV star only bagged one nomination, Best Afropop Album for her ‘Voice of Africa offering.

However, the musician feels that she deserves way more recognition.