South African musician and DJ Prince Kaybee has opted against suing YouTuber Rae Gopane.

This came after the YouTuber dragged him in the mud on his podcast amid his leaked nude saga.

On his podcast, The Rea and Black Step Podcast, he slammed Prince Kaybee and called him disgusting for even being involved in the whole saga.

Prince Kaybee’s fans have asked him to sue Rae Gopane after he was sued by media personality Bonang for dragging her into the whole AKA and Nelli brouhaha.


Prince has instead opted against suing him and wished him well on his career which has just kick started.

He also reckoned that the podcaster would probably not be able to afford it he still needs to pay R500K law suit Bonang has slapped him with.

“Why would I sue, let him speak his mind, he wouldn’t afford it. Goodluck with your career,” Prince wrote.

In another tweet he added that he could just ambush him and break his jawline but he has chosen to ignore him.