On the latest episode of MacG’s podcast and chill, MacG says he had received an email from an anonymous member in the Tembe family.

He said the email alleged that AKA was cheating on Anele with Da L.E.S baby mama and that she was suffering from the relationship with the rapper.

The lengthy letter continues to state how Nellie found out about AKA cheating on her and Da L.E.S confronted fellow rapper AKA.

It reads as follows, “Nellie was suffering in the relationship, she struggled with cheating and abuse from Kiernan. It started had last year, she had mentioned to me that she tried to make her life after finding out he was sleeping with another woman.”


“But what really shook Nellie was when she found out s_xual messages on the phone of AKA and Da L.E.S baby mama. She was devastated, the messages broke her heart. It was all in plain sight AKA was having an affair with Aurea. Da L.E.S’ baby mama was very much involved and is still in a relationship with Da L.E.S”.

The letter also revealed that they have a daughter together, Kiernan has been on multiple birthday parties for their baby.

It was also explained that Kiernan didn’t stop there, he made Nellie feel guilty and kept shouting at her, hence leading to her suicide.