Actress Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee’s dirty laundry has been aired in the public for quite a while now.

Enhle released a video where she said she was going to reveal where all of Black Coffee’s bodies were buried. People were waiting patiently for the tea but she then tweeted.

She said, “Good morning.  I posted this yesterday it seems wasn’t posted can’t find my drafts. So if you signed an NDA and you are being threatened or ‘reminded’ that you can’t talk about it. I’m sure you can talk about the threat or ‘reminder’ right. Asking for a couple of girls.”

Even though she didn’t say it was her people assumed that she was talking about her situation and explaining why she could not dish out the tea as promised.


Black Coffee rubbished Enhle Mbali’s claims with a tweet aswell.

CityPress made a follow-up on the NDA issue and reported that the actress denied ever having been made to sign an NDA.

She told the publication that Black Coffee is crazy and that when she is ready to give a press briefing,  she will do it publicly.