Music Executive Nota Baloyi is an outspoken person who is not afraid to voice any concerns he has in the music industry.

Nota has been affiliated with a number of SA Hip Hop acts over the years and still holds a prominent position in the industry.

He took to Twitter to share a private conversation with Nasty C‘s manager and CEO of Africa Creative Agency Colin Gayle.

In his tweet Nota mentions that he was told by Slikour that Gayle was taking credit for his work and told him to make sure that is corrected.


He says that Gayle is leaching off the Black and White rapper to finance his lifestyle.

“Slikour told me that Nasty C’s manager was taking credit for my work. I told him to make sure he corrects that before I do. This game is sick. Dudes will literally scam their way into people’s pockets. The damn con artist is leaching off a 24-year old to finance his lifestyle!.“

In the text messages Gayle responded quite firmly to Nota writing that he should not voicenote him about rumours or anything else he further mentions that they have only met once and they don’t necessarily know each other.

“First of all, don’t voicenote me about rumours or anything else for that matter. I have met u once in my life and don’t know you at all. I had nothing to do with . other than . has been a friend for 25 years.” He writes.

Nota responded back to him saying that they aren’t rumours because Slikour had told him that and because he’s known Slikour for 14 years he would never life to him.

The message thread ends with Nota saying, “Don’t take credit or my work. Correct the false narrative or I’ll do it for you. You know who you lied to, make sure you know the truth.“