The AmaMpondonise King, Luzuko Zwelozuko Matiwane (44) married a second wife, Princess Siyonwabele Langa (23), this weekend in Port St John’s, in an arranged marriage.

70 cows were paid as lobola.The Amapondonise kingdom was recently recognized.

The Amapondonise believe that there will be no quarrel between the king’s wives, as the right processes were followed.


The Queen must agree before the second wife is married.

Despite the marriage being arranged the princess firmly said she was not forced into the Union.

Her family said,

She was not coerced in any way. And she was made to believe that it’s actually a responsibility to take upon herself, so she had to think very hard about it. So, we as a family, basically we are very, very happy about the whole thing.

According to the custom, the second wife is the one to bear the heir to the throne, while the first wife (Queen mother) remains an ordinary wife.

Princess Siyonwabele said:

I’m really looking forward to building the nation as I am now part of the Amapondomise nation. I am really looking forward to build the nation and contribute, towards the community.

I’m very happy. The reception here is amazing, I am over the moon.

King Luzuko Matiwane said,

I’d like to promise that among all the Amancongola royal family that I will take care of the Queen.

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