The Sunday World Newspaper has today released pictures and whatsapp messages from a source who said AKA  (Kiernan Forbes), beat up Nellie Tembe on numerous occasions.

AKA after breaking down the door at this apartment while attacking Nellie Tembe

In one of the pictures which was released by the source, AKA is seen entering the room through a big hole in the door, after he broke down the door at his apartment.

The newspaper said AKA’s mother and Nellie’s father were aware of the toxic nature of the relationship and the abuse that Nellie was going through.

The source said AKA physically beat up Nellie on many occasions and she would come to their house to seek refuge.


The Sunday World revealed that police have questioned AKA three times already after witnesses indicated that they heard commotion in the Cape Town hotel room  before Nellie fell to her death.

Yesterday, AKA issues a statement in which he indicated that Nellie made a choice to jump and he was not involved in her fall.

He also indicated that Nellie was a troubled young woman, who had issues before he met her.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday World Newspaper – 9 May 2021.