The mysterious death of Nellie Tembe has raised some eyebrows after her father made it clear that Nellie was not suicidal nor did she commit suicide.

Now some very disturbing photos and information has been revealed. Toxic photos, videos and WhatsApp messages showing violence and accusations of drugs have been revealed.

Photos on social media suggest claims of violence, physical abuse and drug abuse. Local publications are alleging that all these characterised the relationship of these two.

Nellie died on the 11th of April after falling off the balcony of a Cape Town hotel. According to the publication there was a violent exchange at the hotel just before the alleged suicide.


This has triggered a police investigation and police have taken AKA’s statements. Tembe is alleged to have sent messages to AKA’s mother seeking guidance in their toxic relationship. AKA also sent messages to Tembe’s father for guidance.

A source revealed that AKA smashed Anele Tembe’s face against the wall while dragging her against the wall and the floor.

The source who is Tembe’s friend said Nellie would occasionally sought refugee at her house whenever AKA became extra violent when he had allegedly taken drugs.

Below are some of the disturbing photos of violence that emerged. Apparently AKA broke down the door of a room where Nellie Tembe was hiding from him and assaulted her.