Sbu Shabalala, tTlhe multi millionaire CEO of Adapt IT, last week led an attack on his estranged wife, Neo Shabalala ‘s boyfriend, Sipho Nzuza, that landed him in the ICU.

Multi Millionaire Sbu Shabalala led four Gunmen in the attack on his estranged wife’s boyfriend

The assault was revealed after Neo applied for an urgent Interdict against Sbu on Friday in Durban.

The Sunday Times newspaper reports that Sbu led four  heavily armed men to his Zimbali home, where his estranged wife, Neo and her boyfriend, Sipho Nzuza, and some friends had slept over.

Sipho Nzuza is in the ICU and had his spleen and part of his liver removed.

The men entred the house and beat up Nzuza, while Neo was held at gunpoint in another room.


The assaults only stopped after Nzuza’s bodyguards intervened.

As a result Nzuza, who is still hospitalized, had to undergo an operation, in which his spleen and part of his liver were removed.

Neo, a former KPMG director and founder at Governance Management Consulting, married Sbu in 2005. The marriage fell apart four years ago and she stated dating Nzuza in 2020.

Neo Shabalala has filed an urgent Interdict against Sbu Shabalala

Sbu and Neo are embroiled in a nasty divorce, with Neo demanding half of Sbu’s R133 million assets.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Times Newspaper – 9 May 2021.