Thuso Mbedu got attacked on Twitter for thanking Mac G for his shoutout on his podcast.

Mac G gave Thuso a shoutout for the amazing things she is doing in America.
He then implied that she is dating Dr. Musa Mthombeni.

An allegation of which she denied.

On Twitter she wrote:


“Thank you @podcastwithmacg for the shoutout. Congrats and well done for the leaps y’all are making. And no angijoli noMusa waze wangishimisa ngimncane (I am not dating Musa why are you making me single at this young age.)

“Dr Musa, please get married soon and make a huge spectacle out of it so the world knows that we were never a thing,” she hilariously said.

Thuso Mbedu was classified a homophobe for thanking MacG shout-out.

After her tweet she immediately got dragged and got called a homophobe because she is sharing jokes with an already labelled homophobe, Mac G.