Kwesta has spoke about his latest album God Guluva.

In an interview with SlikourOnLife, he said the album was prepared almost a year prior to its release.

He said lock down led to some delays

of its release thus it came out this year.



He mentioned that upon the release of God Guluva Album, there was a lot of controversy which surfaced the internet among his industry peers.

Kwesta said they had some misunderstandings with Nota, Leeroy, and Makwa.

He said him, Leeroy and Makwa are still in the same page but with Nota, it’s a different story.

Kwesta said Nota wasn’t happy the way he was treated in terms of finances when the album came out.

Adding, he said Nota is the man behind the idea of the song thus he needed recognition and more money as the song did well.