Isibaya actress Asavela Mngqithi was accused of homewrecking a certain newly weds’ marriage.  The couple were also accused of letting the man’s kids starve to death.

Another source has stepped up to spill more details. Apparently Asavela and this man who owns a Durban construction company had known each other for years.

They met on his wedding where he invited Isibaya cast and crew. A few months after the wedding Asavela started having an affair with him.

The man whose identity is yet to be revealed then abandoned his family and moved in with her.


When the affair started the actress was allegedly not single, she too was in a relationship with a shady character.

On hearing about her new man, her then boyfriend attack her and seized the businessman’s car. The Isibaya actress lied about it and said she had been attacked in a house robbery.

While this man’s family is starving, he is apparently building Asavela’s mum a house.