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Dj Tira Discovers Fezile Zulu And Gives Her A Chance To Record

Owner of Afrotainment label, DJ Tira has decided to give Fezile Zulu a chance to get into the studio. Fezile’s video went viral on social media. She was asked to sing in exchange for bottles and the person recorded her.

Tira managed to locate the 25 year old Fezile after she impressed him. Fezile and Tira are currently in the studio working on a song with Mondli Ngcobo.

According to the Daily Sun Fezile who comes from Eshowe in KZN said she has been trying to break into the music industry for years.

She said growing up in poverty her dream was to make something for herself. Fezile said she lived with her grandmother, mum, siblings and cousins and they all survived on money her granny made from selling sugarcane and dried grass.

She went further to say her story was so humbling therefore she wanted it to be an inspiration to others that your current situation is not your ever after.

Fezile thanked DJ Tira for making her dream come true. Tira said he was blown away by Fezile’s video and had no idea that she was acting but he is glad to have found her.

He said they are working with Mondli to make Fezile’s single amazing. Tira also added that they have more surprises for her and his hope is that she takes off as she is a star.