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Is Isibaya Actress Asavela Mngqithi (Ntwenhle) A Homewrecker?

Mzansi was shocked when Isibaya actress Asavela Mngqithi who played Ntwenhle on the show revealed that it was not only her onscreen character that was pregnant but she was too

The question was who her baby daddy is and in true celebrity fashion she hid the identity of the father of her baby and gave him a code name ‘Mr Shadow ‘.

A local publication is claiming to have found the actress’ secrecy. Apparently the baby daddy is someone else’s legal husband. He left his family and moved in with the actress.

On top of that he has been neglecting his children whilst catering to Asavela to the extent that his children called begging him to buy food.

Whilst their father and his girlfriend refused, Asavela who was present when the call was made then went on Instagram to post a plate of food and captioned ‘Mkhuluwe cooked for me’.

This was received as an act of spite and out of anger a family member took a screenshot and sent it to the publication together with the story.