Mlindo the Vocalist decided to wake up one morning and start opening people’s wounds and it indeed brought others to tears.

Its a common matter and people have even started to relate to it as the global pandemic. It doesn’t discriminate, it knows no colour, no gender nor religion. This new pandemic is called Mjolo.

Mjolo is introducing others to marriage, unpacking some from the so called land of permanent marriage and now breaking people’s hearts left, right and centre.

Mlindo took a moment to check up on his fans and asked who got dumped. Some fans confessed that they don’t dump these days they misbehave until their partners walk away.


On the other hand it takes a lot to make a series popular, the actors must be great, the storyline thrilling and most importantly viewers must love it. Soapies like Isibaya were not renewed as viewers lost interest.

Will newcomer, DiepCity survive, the soapie revolves around four disillusioned women who are focused into a life of crime whilst in high school just to make ends meet.

According to the comments on Twitter the show seems to be on the right path.