Being Bonang producer, Legend Manqele, has today told the Daily Sun newspaper that he does not owe Bonang any money.

Bonang has in the past said working on Being Bonang was her worst experience.

Bonang Matheba Says Legend Manqele owes her money

Manqele told the newspaper that he has watched his name being dragged in the mud, and he considers this to be bullying and incorrect information from Bonang ‘s side.


Manqele said his company, BarLeader, paid Bonang everything she was entitled to.

He said production on Being Bonang was stopped in 2019 by the channel and seeing her tweets about him owning her money hurt him as he had came to her rescue on numerous occasions when she could not shoot content.

Manqele said Bonang has blocked her on Twitter.

Manqele said Bonang is lying

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Sun Newspaper – 21 April 2021.