Mzansi television fans really enjoyed the first season of Kings of Joburg and will be thrilled to know that the second season is in the works.

Shona Ferguson took to social media to share that Kings of Joburg will definitely be making a comeback to Netflix.

“I have news. My news is Kings of Joburg Season Two is coming,” said Shona.

The Ferguson Films producer was sitting pretty in his Lamborghini when he relayed the news to his followers but he was also reacting to his daughter Alicia accusing him of farting.


As he was making the announcement, Ali said asked her father if he farted because she could smell something.

She was sitting in the car next to Shona’s with her mother, Connie Ferguson.

Fans enjoyed the exchange between the family but were also excited to hear that their beloved show was coming back.

Here are some of fan’s reactions below:
siyabonga_shibe commented:

“Apart from breathing from the back, Season 2 of Kings of Joburg is coming. Wonderful news indeed.”

telletroliene said:
“I am celebrating and laughing at the same time.”

xolisile_lwekhona commented:
“Connie is lucky. That’s all I can say.”

kwambiprincess said:
“I am excited about Kings of Joburg Season 2”