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Actress Dineo Moeketsi Ridicules The Queen Name

Sometimes an actress or actor portrays a character so well that people fail to separate the actress/ actor and the role they play. Actress Dineo Langa finds herself in this boat and it is annoying her.

She took to Instagram to tell her followers that they must refer to her using her real name which is Dineo not the name of her onscreen character.

The actress said people were referring to her using an onscreen name that starts with a K. The name is probably Keabetswe whom she played on The Queen.

“Lets help each other out, my name doesn’t start with K…my actual names only start with D and N. Characters on TV don’t exist in real life,” she said on her Instagram stories.

“Please adress me with my actual name or don’t bother.. I don’t like this thing of calling actors their character names when you know very well that people are acting and its a job,” she added.

This might be fuelled by the fact that she is no longer part of The Queen cast. She also did not leave the soapie in a good note.