After 37 years in the industry, the iconic news anchor Noxolo Grootboom read the last of IsiXhosa news bulletin for the very last time yesterday at 7 pm.

Grootboom inspired the nation with her stellar news reading skills and her iconic signature send off ‘ndiyanithanda nonke emakhaya’.

She has contributed to the country’s history by covering many historic events. She was named Noxolo by her grandparents.

Noxolo was born between 1959 to 1969. She grew up in rural Eastern Cape and later started her career as a typist at SABC 1.


Her career as a young aspiring media enthusiast, Noxolo pushed all boundaries and looked at her passion as an opportunity as she did not have any background information on journalism.

From being a typist at SABC 1 she landed another job at SABC as the IsiXhosa news anchor.

She is also a multi lingo and had a poised manner and sense of humour that drew fans to listen to her. Noxolo had a significant influence on listeners who did not speak IsiXhosa.

Noxolo  covered historic events such as the death of Chris Hani and Nelson Mandela. Grootboom had so much impact on the country’s media industry.

She was requested to read the news of the passing of former South African first lady Winnie Madikizela Mandela. She loved watching Mzansi Magic telenovela The Queen.