The Sunday Times Newspaper reports that the will of King Zwelithini was read on Friday, in which he named his successor.

The newspaper says the heir will come from the house of Queen Mantofombi, the sister of King Mswati, who married King Zwelithini in 1977.

The 47 year old first born son of Queen Mantfombi, Prince Misuzulu, who has been hidden in the USA for years , will be the next king.

Very little is known about Prince Misuzulu, except that he was studying in the USA.


It has also emerged that Prince Mongusuthu Buthelezi was not present when the will was read, after Princess Nombuso told him the family needed a moment to talk to their mothers.

He later got a call from the chair of Ingonyama Trust, Jerome Ngwenya, on Friday evening, that the will had already been read.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Times Newspaper – 21 March 2021.