Menzi’s wife, Sikelelo, expressed her heartbreak and devastation through a letter.

The letter was read out at the service by her sister.

It read as follows:

“Myeni wami, sthandwa Sami, Dali, Ngcukumani, Somahhashi, Mbomvo, Nomaci, Nzombane, Nomasikisiki, Myaluza, Ngongozabantu, You promised me that we will be together until we are 100 years but you broke that promise. I am so lost without you. We had so many plans Dali, uthi ngenze njani manje?


I remember when I saw you on Yizo Yizo, I was 16 years old and I said “there is my husband” and the universe agreed.

We met in 2004 at SABC, we dated, life happened and we parted ways.

In 2013 May you walked into my office, I couldn’t believe that after all these years we will ever cross paths again, but God had his plans.

It was the beginning of our lives together. The most important, the happiest years of my life.

Thank you for loving me, you made me feel so special. You have set the bar so high no man will be able to reach it. I am broken and it will take time to go back, I doubt I will ever be the same again. Hamba kahle Nzombane wamiPhumla ngoxolo Nomafu You will be missed dearly. I will always love you MyaluzawamiNomafuMbomvuSomahashi NgcokumaniMyaluzaNgogo zabantu Nyoni YezweNomasikisikiNzombane.”