Former Miss South Africa, Basetsana Khumalo, has been forced to deny a story that has recently been circulating with her picture.

The article alleges that the woman, a 34 year old  Kenyan, is pregnant with the late President John Magufuli’s child.

In the article, her name is Sarah Wanjiru, and is from Kiambu.

Basetsana took to Instagram to crush the article and said:

Basetsana Khumalo Denies Having John Mugufuli ‘s Pregnancy

My name is not Sara Wanjiru, I am not Kenyan, I am not 34 years old. I am not six months pregnant with the late President John Pambe Magufuli’ s child.

It’s not even even a case of mistaken identity. This takes fake news to another level.

She said her friends were angered by the fact that the article did not get the facts straight.

Another fan brought up a point that South African celebrities have been complaining about for a long time, that even print media doesn’t verify information before publishing.

He said week in, week out, the Sunday newspapers always push lies and fake news.

That’s what media does, controversy sells, said the fan.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.