Anele Mdoda has been Accused of being a liar and some are saying she did it to promote herself.

Recently she had a virtual interview with renowned American tv personality and show host Wendy Williams.

Wendy Williams said in a video that she just found out that April 10th is Wendy Williams day in South Africa.

Tweeps then started digging, trying to find out how Wendy came to that conclusion. People asked on Twitter who could have lied to Williams.


It was found out that Anele Mdoda may be the one who told Wendy this as she had an interview with her.

When a tweep asked Anele about April 10th being Wendy William’s day, she said it’s not a lie and tweeps then concluded that it was her and were angered.

Jackie Phamotse told Anele to stop lying to the Americans. Other fans think that Anele is just embarrassing South Africa.