Bapedi royal house is experiencing deepened divisions.

This comes after one faction now demanding answers on the kingdom’s estate, including farms and mining rights, to be made public.

Thirteen structures in Sekhukhune, which include Bapedi nation, Sekhukhune Restoration Movement of Bopedi have written to the Queen Mother Manyaku Thulare requesting her to make the estate public.

The estate belonged to her late husband Rhyne Sekhukhune III and late son King Thulare Victor Thulare III.


Queen mother was further called to provide particulars of the spouses of the late King Thulare.

Spokesperson of the Bapedi Kingdom said the structures showed no respect to the mourning queen and the wives of the late King Thulare.

However, the Queen was announced the acting King of the Bapedi nation on Thursday.