According to the Daily Sun, Jack Maswakhomu died in 2001, leaving behind his three widows with a house each. Twenty years later there is still fighting over ownership of one of the houses.

Two of Maswakhomu’s wives live in Limpopo while the third wife lives in Soweto. Dorah aged 93, who is Jack’s first wife and was legally married to Jack in community of property has sold the house in Soweto.

This left Jack’s 3rd wife Fanisa aged 63 homeless. Fanisa’s granddaughter wants the law to urgently deal with the matter, she told the publication.

She added that a man by name Ronnie Mavundla who claimed to have bought the house came with atleast 20 men to threaten them. The men told them to pack and leave the premises.


Fanisa said she didn’t benefit anything after the passing of her husband. She revealed that the fight started in 2017, when Dorah’s family evicted them, but Fanisa refused to leave.

Fanisa added that the first wife pretended to love her and her kids when their shared husband was alive. Dorah’s daughter said the house belongs to her mother and was supposed to have been sold in 2002.

The second wife Rose aged 75 told the publication that she knew about the drama and that the house was supposed to be sold so that they split the money. She however said she has distanced herself because of the fighting.