Mihlali Ndamase took to Twitter to share a peculiar conversation she had with her cousin, which led to some interpreting it as her not caring for her mother.

She explained that he had presented a scenario which required an answer from her.

She stated, “My cousin just asked me, ‘Would you kill your dog to save your mom?’ How dark? I’d rather die. Kill my dog?! I can’t.”


This led to some users misinterpreting her tweet and assuming that she meant that she has chosen her dog over her mother.

One user commented, “Are you saying your mother doesn’t matter?”, to which Mihlali immediately responded, “Where did l say that love? Please show me.”

Fans jumped to her defence and began criticising the women’s interpretation skills and views of the blogger.

However, Mihlali further clarified saying she has the best relationship with her mom.