The Botswana government finally issued a statement on the circumstances sorrounding the  helicopter crash death of  popular rapper and TV presenter, Sasa Klaas (Sarona Motlagodi).

However, the statement did not identify the name of the pilot and the owners of the South African registered helicopter. The statement also failed to identify the popular rapper, stating that the next of kin has not been notified.

This is despite the fact that the deceased is the daughter of a government minister, Anna Mokhethi, and the accident has been widely report on in the press.

There is wide speculation that a high profile individual is connected to the accident, resulting in reluctance to release key details about the pilot and ownership of the helicopter by the Botswana government.


Please read the full statement below :


The Ministry of Transport and Communications regrets to inform members of the public that a South African registered Robinson , R44 helicopter , ZS-SBM crashed on Friday 5th March 2021 at approximately 1900 hrs . The Pilot was unable to execute a safe landing at Xumabee Game Ranch , in the West SandVeld ( near Sojwe)

Onboard the four seater helicopter were the pilot and a passenger. The pilot survived the crash, with minor injuries while the passenger unfortunately sustained fatal injuries. The names of the deceased are not yet released until the next of kin have been notified.

The crash remains under investigation by the Directorate of Accident Investigation in the Ministry. The Ministry extends sincere condolences to the bereaved family and friends.

Thank you.