In a new twist to the death of popular Botswana Rapper, Sasa Klaas (Sarona Motlagodi), it has emerged that the Botswana authorities are covering up the circumstances surrounding her death.

According to media reports, Sarona, who is the daughter of government minister, Anna Mokgethi, was involved in a helicopter crash while on a trip with a married man.

However, no pictures or government statements have been issued by police on the accident, except for confirmation that it happened.


According to a Facebook post by DeNaril, Sarona went on a helicopter ride with a married man, who survived the crash.

The crash is said to have happened at Xumabee Game Reserve.

The crash was only announced after it happened many hours before.

Sarona and her mother were previously linked to many love scandals which were splashed all over social media.

The reluctance by Botswana authorities to shed light on the death of Sarona could mean that a highly connected individual is involved in the incident.

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