Linda Mtoba is mourning the passing of her dog, Penguin.

The actress says that owning the dog was her first experience of being a mother, she classified herself as a “dog mom”.

Linda visited the vet back in January and spoke about how she saw a couple leaving without their dog because it had died.

She said that the experience broke her heart and it made her scared of the possibility of her beloved Penguin dying.


The news of Penguin’s passing touched the hearts of Linda’s fans and others took the opportunity to comment with their own experiences of losing a furry friend.

@Thande_n commented: “This is making me so sad, as someone who loves their dogs just as much as you do, I can’t imagine the pain you had to go through to decide on putting him down.”

@mbalimonroe_ said: “You did everything you could Linda. I’m so sorry for your loss.” @Nancy15013252 commented: “I know how painful it is to lose a pet, we become very close to them.”

Actress Amanda du Pont previously lost her beloved pet dog, Dior.

Losing a pet is just as painful as losing a family member. Pets become an integral part of the family, especially when they have been around for a long time.