Babes Wodumo (26) spoke to McG on his show about her life and business.

Key Points

1. Babes Wodumo says as a teenager, she was a party queen, she used to go to different clubs although her father was a Pastor.

2. Babes said she lifted Gqom to the same level as Kwaito and Hop Hop.


3. She says when Wololo was first released, it was for free. Taxi drivers liked it and started playing it. After it became popular, Babes went and commercialized it.

4. Babes said she first realised she was popular when people started screaming her name when she was walking to Shoprite.

5. Babes said she made a lot of mistakes when she was young, like not paying her dentist and drinking too much with her friends.

6. She said Mampintsha was there for her, but it’s not easy for him as her lover to tell her what to do.

7. Babes says she feels like she had poor PR in the beginning. She had a poor image.

8. Babes said she never won a SAMA award but she does not care.

9. Babes said she lived life, drinking Champagne.

10. She said she traveled overseas and met Kendrick Lamar.

11. Babes said she was privileged to feature on Black Panther.

12. Babes said she was sabotaged when she was supposed to travel overseas. Even the mayor failed to sign her papers for a visa.

13. Babes said at the height of her career, she was charging $150 000 per show and she could have 8 shows a weekend. She would make up to R1 Million per weekend.

14. Babes Wodumo is now charging R60 000 per show.

15. Babes said her best show was fill up the stadium. Fans broke the fence. Babes said she allowed the fans to perform with her on stage.

16. Babes says her parents were shocked when they first saw her performing.

17. Babes said she turned to clubs as a way of rebelling against her religious upbringing.

18. Babes says she would leave home for the clubs because home was depressing because of financial issues.  She is happy that she is now able to take care of her parents because of her career which is based in clubs.

19. Babes says her father now tells other parents to let their children do what they are talented in.

20. Babes said she met Mampintsha when she was a model and a dancer, she was 16. When Mampintsha saw her on the video set, he immediately wanted her.

21. Babes says she did not love Mampintsha at first, but he kept calling her. She then started dating him.

22. On the planned wedding day, Babes said the wedding will be on Showmax. Mampintsha has paid Lobola, after Membeso, there will be the wedding.

23. Babes said Mampintsha has a lot of love and he is very fun.

24. Babes says Mampintsha is serious about her, unlike young guys who want to hit and run.

25. On Masetshaba, Babes said she would not have an interview with her. She has not spoken to Masetshaba since the day she had an interview with her.

26. Babes says as an older sister, Masetshaba should never have used the private information she heard about her relationship with Mampintsha in the way she did.

27. Babes says when she shares a stage with Beyonce then she will have made it.

28. People who say she has now fallen are crazy. People must understand that a person develops and grows.

29. Babes says she is still popular as she gets over 2.8 Million streams on some of her songs.

30. Babes says artists in Durban are not united, unlike those in Johannesburg who support each other.

31. Babes says she has not even gone to  SAMRO to get her royalties, she has still not been paid for WOLOLO.

32. Babes says she is now an independent artist and is not owned by any label. Even her contract with  Mampintsha ‘s West Ink is finished.

33. Babes said she does not abuse substances. She says she had a cousin who tool co_caine. When people saw hee losing weight, they assumed she was addicted.

34. Babes she does not smoke, although she loves Hubbly.

35. On her reality show with Jub Jub, Babes said the storyline was not good as Jub Jub always wanted to show her off as a bad person and Mampintsha as the good person.

36. Babes says on the day the reality show was supposed to air, her lawyers stopped it.

37.Babes says if Mampintsha was to want to marry more than one wife, she would destroy him.

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