Dj Euphonik has stepped on so many people’s toes and Twitter refuses to let it go unpunished.

Ever since the case was opened, Euphonik has been joking around and calling Ms Madikizela names.

One of the accused Djs, DJ Fresh was caught lying about talking to one of the Madikizela family members of which they released a statement denying all the mentioned information.

Euphonik allegedly fabricated a screen shot of the message that he received from his accuser Ms Madikizela..


Unfortunately for him so many faults were seen on the screenshot which resulted to it being fake.

Lately he posed a giggling joke that left Ms Boity Thulo fuming and decided to tell him a piece of her mind boldly as fans cheer her actions.

Tweeps applauded Boity Thulo for slamming DJ Euphonik’s actions.