Ayanda and Nonku’s relationship is becoming less tense as Ayanda opts in to call her so that Nonku doesnt feel like their communication is one sided.

As nice as she is, Ayanda asks about the launch and further apologises once again for not being available at the launch.

Ayanda says she was not feeling good and was drained emotionally so she did not go because she feels it would not have been good for Nonku and the environment as well because it was a place of celebration.

However, Nonku step on fire when she offer Ayanda her wine; ” I can’t wait for you to test my wine, I know you would like it” says Nonku.


The believer in Ayanda’s simply smiled and said I cannot wait to see.

In the commentary Ayanda said; ” I don’t drink Nonku, I don’t drink Lala”.

Maybe that is the reason why she never went to the launch because she does not consume alcohol at all. So it will be odd for her to go to wine launch while she hold a glass of juice or water a whole time.