Popular socialite, Tebogo Thobejane appeared on MacG’s podcast this evening and revealed the sad story of how both her parents died.

Tebogo, who is now a famous actor on Muvhango said after her mother committed suicide when she was 9, she became very close to her father. She said her father was a multi millionaire by the time he was 37, after developing a hair product with his company ( Principal Products). Her father’s hair product was eventually bought by international conglomerate, Proctor and Gamble.

Tebogo said her father used to be extremely wealthy. She said there is a misconception that her father co-founded his company with Herman Mashaba, his friend. She clarified that her father started his own company at the same time as Mashaba, who started Black Like Me.

Tebogo said after the sale of her father’s hair product to Proctor And Gamble, her father would travel all over the world and was even in the Concorde. He met the queen of England and drove Rolls Royce and Range Rovers.


Death Of Tebogo’s Father

She said her father met a girl in Polokwane and fell in love. One day, when he was visiting his village, tebogo’s father got into an altercation with some young men and got killed.

Tebogo said the death of her father changed everything.

Her father had a huge house in Roodepoort and because he had left all the money in trust, they could no longer pay for the house.

The money was only going to be available to the kids when they turned 21. However, most of the money was embezzled by the lawyers and other adults before they got only R1 Million from the expected R15 million.

Key Points From The Interview

  1. Tebogo explained that she is on only fans because she is already doing crazy shoots and she would rather get paid for it.
  2. She said club hosting was the easiest money that she was making.
  3. During lockdown, club hosting was no longer available. Tebogo said she started to think of other businesses.
  4. With only fans, Tebogo was making over R200 000 a month, during the lockdown.
  5. Tebogo said she made R200 000 for four months. Tebogo said the content that she has on her only fans is not suitable for her son.
  6. Tebogo says she no longer publishes Bikini pictures on Instagram.
  7. Tebogo said she was offered millions to do certain things on only fans.
  8. Tebogo said most of her clients are international, she feels she is not appreciated in South Africa.
  9. Tebogo says she has a baby with the rapper Cashless Society when she was 24 soon after graduated
  10. Tebogo said she did not get a bursary and was working as a waitress.
  11. She said she had work done on her stomach a few years ago, after she had her baby.
  12. Tebogo said she met friends when she was walking in LA. She said she took four of her friends and they went and stayed with a soccer player who had a house in The Hills.
  13. Tebogo said she met the soccer player through a Nigerian friend, whose father is a billionaire.
  14. She didn’t know the soccer player. They stayed at the house for free.
  15. She met French Montana while walking with her friends in Rodeo Boulevard.
  16. Her dad and Herman were good friends while growing up.
  17. They used to have the best perm, kwa Nduna.
  18. However, the two failed to agree and they started separate businesses.
  19. Her father founder Principle Product.
  20. Herman Mashaba Founded Black like me.
  21. He went back to Limpopo and found a girl and fell in love.
  22. They were driving somewhere and they were tired. They met some guys and were involved in an argument and he was killed. At the time she was 15. Her mother had died when she was 9. She had depression and committed suicide.
  23. Tebogo said when  her father died, the family stopped living a lavish lifestyle and started living on the necessities.
  24. After her father died, her aunt tried to assist with the bills but it was too much for her.
  25. She was supposed to have inherited R15 Million, but they ended up inheriting $1 Million. lawyers and other people spent all the money.
  26. After she turned 21, the money was released and she started spending it with her boyfriend.
  27. Tebogo and her boyfriend would go on holidays and spend a lot. Eventually, she spent all the money.
  28. After graduating with her drama degree, she started working as a booker for castings
  29. Tebogo says she realized during her time as an employee that one needs to be an entrepreneur as employers don’t want employees to do well.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.