Popular Maskandi artist, Ntencane (Senzo Zondi) , is once again in the middle of a love triangle.

Ntencane getting ready for a photoshoot

The Daily Sun reports that Ncomile  ‘Vulandlela’ Msoni and her friend Ndoni Ndunakazi are fighting over Ntencane.

Ncomile told the Daily Sun that she met Ntencane in 2019 and had a baby with him.

She told the newspaper that their relationship changed after Ntencane started dating Ndoni.

Ndoni Ndunakazi

Ncomile says she regrets introducing Ndoni to Ntencane.

In response , Ndoni denied that she is dating Ntencane and said Ncomile is not her friend.

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Sun – 16 Feb 2021.