Musician Prince Kaybee recently sat down with MacG to discuss his relationship, beef with Busiswa and the reason why he is always involved in Twitter wars with other celebrities.

Key Points 

  1. Prince Kaybee says he had Covid-19 but he defeated it even though it was traumatising.
  2. He made it to former American president Barack Obama’s playlist.
  3. Kaybee and Shimza made a collaboration together after beefing for a long time.
  4. Prince Kaybee has picked fights with many other artists.
  5. He says he doesn’t like being a trendy artist and the fights are not meant to make him relevant, that’s why he doesn’t wear fancy clothes.
  6. Last year Prince Kaybee had fights with Dj Maphorisa, DJ Black Coffee, Cassper Nyovest and NaakMusiq.
  7. With Maphorisa it started when the DJ said Kaybee doesn’t own Masters.
  8. He says holding on to your Masters is desperation and he does not really care about owning Masters.
  9. He said he does not want to be famous as Beyonce or Kim Kardashian.
  10. His beef with NaakMusiq started as an argument about cars. It later went into music and that’s when it all got ugly between the two. Naak went as far as promising to kick Prince Kaybee, but that never happened when they met.
  11. Busiswa tweeted saying Prince Kaybee is a Princess.
  12. He says the songstress is always throwing jabs at him but because she is a woman and he has respect for women thus he doesn’t want to say things that will take down her confidence as a woman.
  13. He also said he doesn’t have anything against Busiswa and he will never reply to her jabs even though he has a lot of things to say to her.
  14. Kaybee says he is friends with Busiswa’s ex.
  15. He would love to sit down with her and ask the reason why she always takes jabs at him.
  16. Kaybee says Busiswa is dope. They view each other’s statuses on WhatsApp.
  17. Kaybee says celebrities are not gods or experts.
  18. His twar with Black Coffee started when he asked the DJ if he is a celebrity.
  19. Black Coffee also called Prince Kaybee a house nigga and that’s when he lost all respect for Black Coffee.
  20. His girlfriend has a high s_ex drive and they have had s_ex in some of the weirdest places.
  21. He says he has the best girlfriend and they have had s_ex on a car boot.
  22. He says he met his woman on Instagram.
  23. Prince Kaybee has dated Brown Mbombo before.
  24. He says he is more interested in dating the person not because they are celebrities.
  25. His celebrity crush is actress Thembi Seete.
  26. He said he has met a girl who squirts during intimacy.
  27. Prince Kaybee says Kabza De Small is underrated.
  28. He said Amapiano stands out for him.
  29. He is not ready to venture in Amapiano despite it being dope.
  30. Prince Kaybee admitted to having broke hits.
  31. He said black Twitter is overrated and when it comes to radio he said it was overrated and now it’s underrated.