Bontle Modiselle is a mother, singer, actress and a choreographer. She sat down with MacG on his podcast to talk about her relationship with Priddy Ugly, music and her father’s passing.

Key Points 

  1. The year 2020 was a challenging one says Bontle Modiselle as she became a first time mum during Covid-19.
  2. Bontle says she had Covid-19 and so was her husband and their child.
  3. Bontle grew up in Beria and Hillbrow area thus she is street smart.
  4. She says her mom always sang praises to her older sister even though Candice was her favourite.
  5. Her dad passed on in 1997 when she was just 6 years old. She was her dad’s favourite child.
  6. She gained a father when she met her husband’s father.
  7. Bontle Modiselle said she met her husband, Priddy Ugly in 2007 when she was on Jika majika.
  8. They met on dance competitions since they are both dancers.
  9. In 2009 she was dumped by her boyfriend on her birthday.
  10. She has been to Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She also visited the red light district.
  11. After being dumped by her ex, Priddy Ugly was there for her.
  12. She says she got intimate with Priddy Ugly on their first week of dating.
  13. Bontle has been in music videos with actress Buhle Samuels.
  14. Her biggest break was when she debuted on a feature musical film ‘Hear me Dance’. She played a lead character on the movie alongside Nyaniso Dzedze.
  15. Then she replaced Boity Thulo on Club 8O8.
  16. She has choreographed some artists on Lip Sync battle.
  17. Bontle says she would venture into music full time if she was to leave the dancing industry.
  18. She told MacG that she is open to doing Amapiano since it involves a lot of dancing.
  19. She has a tatoo on her back and the other on her wrist and the other one on her leg is dedicated to her father.
  20. In 2018 she was doing radio and in 2020 she bagged a Netflix gig.
  21. Bontle says she is a good cook.
  22. She says dance pays her the most and she will always choose it.
  23. Bontle said she is on her own little island even though she is cool with Boity she vibes with Lootlove.
  24. Bontle and Priddy Ugly have a shared YouTube channel.
  25. Bontle said Priddy Ugly is so easy to love and the longest time they have been apart is two months. They have been together for eleven years.
  26. Bontle says they don’t fight they just argue with one another. They never walk away from an argument or slam a door on one another.
  27. Bontle and Priddy Ugly said on their channel that cheating is not a deal breaker and it’s something that will not break their relationship.
  28. She says she would stick with Priddy Ugly if he cheats and has a child with another woman.
  29. Bontle says her deal breaker is abuse. She will not have anyone lay a finger on her body.
  30. She says she is open to a s_ex orgy with Priddy Ugly because they are open to new experiences.
  31. She added that she loves being a mother and a wife.