Musician Zizo Tshwete got emotional as she remembered her late friend who passed away on valentines day.

In a recent instagram post, Zizo posted old pictures of herself with her friend whom she described as a true friend.

She wrote:

“This guy just always GOT ME.
Our Friendship was instant. He loved and accepted me. We laughed so hard together – at the dumbest things. We plotted hard together – the paths our careers would take. We Loved hard together – if you’ve ever been Loved by Akhumzi than you can truly say you have known real joy in your life.


I have lost many important people in my life – we all have I’m sure – losing him still hurts me to the core of my soul.

Today, I miss him more than words can ever say. I hate that VK will never know him.

Today, YOU get another day to Love with your whole heart – WHOEVER you Love.
Enjoy it.
Take it all in.
Remember their every word.
Hug them so you don’t forget how they feel.
Treasure their laugh.
Be trustworthy with their heart.

Life changes in an instant
– the only thing that makes the shattered heart feel even a tiny bit better (well, at least for me) is knowing that I Loved my friend with my whole heart.

He knew that and that makes me happy – our Friendship was real.

Anyway, happy Sunday kids Remembering all those we have Loved and lost.”